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 General Site Rules

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General Site Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Site Rules   General Site Rules EmptyTue Aug 14, 2018 2:02 am

General Rules

1. Be polite and courteous to other roleplayers. Not everyone is good at literate roleplay, nor does everyone have as much time as you do. Be respectful and mindful of other people's boundaries.
2. No explicit content is allowed anywhere on this site. If you wish to do a roleplay that is 18+ please take it somewhere else.
3. Respect and listen to the moderators and admins. I choose my team very carefully in order to ensure you have the best experience here. If any of them are giving you trouble, do not hesitate to contact me.
4. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. This is a LGBTQA+ friendly site. Everyone is welcome.
5. Please do not double post. If your audition has not been looked at and/or approved within seven days of its posting, you may bump it.
6. If you feel like you are not a good English speaker, just try your best! We understand that not everyone knows English as their first language.

RP Rules

1. This is a young adult and older rp site. This means that some cuss words are allowed in rps in minimal capacity. You may have five cuss words per rp post.
The f word is not allowed. NO exceptions.
2. This is literate roleplaying. All rp posts must be at least one paragraph long. Each paragraph must be at least 4 sentences long.
3. Sentences must be five words or longer.
4. NO godmodding of any kind is allowed.

All guests and members are required to follow all rules of this site. If you notice someone breaking a rule, please tell a moderator or an admin. Moderators and admins will give warnings and bans after a collective discussion.


If a user breaks any of the rules:

1. They will receive up to 3 warnings.
2. If they continuously do it after all warnings, they will be banned for 24 hours (1 full day).
3. If they continue after this ban, they will receive 1 warning. If it is not heeded, the user will be banned for 7 days.
4. If the user continues to break the rules after the second ban, they will be banned permanently.
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General Site Rules
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