For thousands of years, humans have seen the supernatural as myth. Now humanity is faced with extinction at the hands of those they thought were just legends.
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 Myths General Guide

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Myth Basics

  • There are many species of myths, but there are four common ones that are generally seen frequently. These are the vampires, shapeshifters, witches/warlocks, and demigods.
  • The actual number of myths in the world is hard to count, but there is a general consensus that there are around four million myths, 1/4th of them vampires.
  • Main Goals: (By Species)
    Most myth species do not have a united idea about what to do with humanity. These are the general goals.

    • Vampires: Keep humanity as a food source (fodder).
    • Shapeshifters: Either kill off humanity as a whole or hunt them for sport.
    • Witches/Warlocks: Use humanity for labor or kill all humans.
    • Demigods: Use humanity for labor and/or use them as playthings.
    • Dragons: Destroy humanity in retaliation for the ancient humans causing them to become nearly extinct.
    • Centaurs: Live life while killing off humans.
    • Sirens/Mermaids: Destroy all safe places for humans.


  • Most myths do not have a need for weapons, as they already have superhuman abilities and/or powers.
  • The Itzal, which is the united myth army, generally uses advanced weapons if they want to.
  • Think sci-fi fiction and fantasy for weapons, i.e. laser guns, magical items, etc.


  • Few myths are united enough to create a human-like society.
  • Most pack myths (werewolves and other shapeshifters) live in groups and claim territories for themselves. These pack lands are scattered throughout the world.
  • Witches, warlocks, and elementals all live in very small villages throughout the world; these are the few myths that create civilizations that mirror human society.
  • Vampires are usually solitary creatures and rarely form groups. Those that do are the Strigoi.
  • Some myths actively follow human movements across the world for various reasons. Shapeshifters and vampires mostly do so in order to hunt them while others do it to find weak points to attack.

The Itzal

  • The Itzal is the united fighting force of all myths. The Itzal usually fights the United Force in battles or attack the Human Fronts. There are also numerous reports of small bands of the Itzal fighting force attacking humans in general.
  • The Itzal Headquarters is located in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Main Goal: Destroy the Human Council.

Safe Zones?

  • The whole world has become a safe zone for myths, except for Pacific Ocean near Ouraell and the Human Fronts.
  • Vampires cannot enter shapeshifter territory without permission.
  • Witches, warlocks, and elementals cannot enter any myth territory without permission.

Species Guides

  • Vampires
  • Shapeshifters
  • Witches/Warlocks - Elementals
  • Demigods

You can have other mythological creatures from different mythologies, but these are the main four. If you wish to add any other myth species, please message me the following:

  • Name of Species
  • Appearance(s)
  • Origin (i.e. from Japanese mythology, Mayan mythology, etc.)
  • Lifespan (i.e. adult at what age? Immortal?)
  • Abilities (provide at least 3 powers/abilities. This can include powers or super strength, speed, etc.)
  • Society (i.e. are they a pack myth or do they prefer being alone?)
  • Background (i.e. try to stay true to their mythology if they have one already. Provide their reason(s) for coming out to humanity here and what they want out of it.)
    After it is approved, I will post it as a guide under Other Species Guides.

Other Species Guides

  • Dragons
  • Centaurs
  • Sirens/Mermaids
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Myths General Guide
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