For thousands of years, humans have seen the supernatural as myth. Now humanity is faced with extinction at the hands of those they thought were just legends.
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 Shapeshifters Guide

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Shapeshifter Basics

  • Shapeshifters are the third most common myths in the world. There are roughly over 500,000 shapeshifters worldwide.
  • All shapeshifters have some variation of gold and/or silver in their eyes, which can change from form to form.  
  • Shapeshifters cannot choose their appearances. Every individual shapeshifter has their own appearance in their forms.
  • There are numerous types of shapeshifters (listed by most to least common):

    • Werewolves - shifters that can take on a wolf and a human appearance. Their wolf forms are known for having mostly to pure gold or silver eyes.
    • Landshifters/seashifters - Landshifters can take on the form of any land-dwelling animal while seashifters can take on the form of any water-dwelling animal.
    • Shifters - Shifters can shapeshift into any animal form, but cannot shapeshift into plant forms.
    • Livingshifter - These are the most rare of the shapeshifters as they can shapeshift into any living being form, ranging from animals to plants. Out of the 500,000 shapeshifters in the world, there are only 5,000 livingshifters.

  • Shapeshifters are a group species. It is incredibly rare for a shapeshifter to be alone.
  • Shapeshifter bites (especially of a werewolf) are fatal to vampires.
  • Main Goal: Kill all of humanity and/or hunt them for sport.


  • Technology

    • Shapeshifters are renowned for being against weapons for myths. They rely heavily on their own abilities rather than a tool that was first thought of by "humanity".
    • Shapeshifters in the Itzal do not use weapons unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • Abilities/Powers

    • Superhuman strength and speed. They are second to vampires concerning speed.
    • Superior senses to vampires, especially sight.


  • Shapeshifters live exclusively in groups- sometimes called packs depending on the type of shapeshifter- and are rarely seen as loners.
  • A pack is usually the name for a group of shapeshifters, not a mix of shapeshifters and other myths. Some shapeshifters find it offensive that their kind might refer to their ragtag mixed group as a pack.
  • Shapeshifters have their own territory throughout the world, usually clustered next to one another.
  • Shapeshifters find the term "myth" offensive, as it refers to what the humans thought they were.
  • In terms of perspective, shapeshifters have one of the extreme views on humanity and the roles every species has in the world.

The Itzal

  • There are few shapeshifters in the Itzal, though many pack leaders try to attend the meetings at Itzal Headquarters to have a say in how to deal with humanity.
  • Main Goal: Destroy Human Council to scatter humanity which leads to shapeshifters hunting them for sport.

Safe Zones?

  • As myths, shapeshifters do not have a need for exclusive safe zones.
  • Shapeshifter territory is safe grounds for all shapeshifters, not just the ones that belong to the packs.

(This version of shapeshifters is a combination of different legends concerning the myths, mostly from popular media and my own imagination. If you have any suggestions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me or another admin.)
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Shapeshifters Guide
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