For thousands of years, humans have seen the supernatural as myth. Now humanity is faced with extinction at the hands of those they thought were just legends.
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 RP Format Guide

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PostSubject: RP Format Guide   RP Format Guide EmptySun Aug 26, 2018 2:16 pm

Please frame your comments in the following format. You may do variations of this format so long as it has all of the necessary fields.

RP Format:

[Name of Character] | [Species] | [Gender] | [Age] | [Location: [SPECIFY] | Mentions: [Character(s)]

Your comment should be at least four sentences with at least five words per sentence. Please try your best in proper grammar and spelling, though it is okay if it is not 100% proper English. After all, can anyone truly do proper English? English is such a weird language. That's four (now five!) sentences, so what else can I say? You can tag people along with their character names, but please name all of the characters individually unless they part of a named group. You can just put the name of the group if your character(s) are speaking to all of them.

~~~~~(Please put some sort of breaker, like this one, between characters.)~~~~~

Here are some examples of headers:

Edyta Reis | Human | Female | 25 | Location: Los Angeles Fort | Mentions: James Wilson, Whispering Willow Group/Pack

Night | Werewolf | Male | 19 | Location: Itzal Headquarters | Mentions: Itzal Leaders

Natalia Jinsoh | Elemental | Female | 16 | Location: Storm Clan Village | Mentions: Maddie Hanson, Lizzie Bennet

You are allowed to just put "Central North America" if your characters are traveling. You are also welcome to say "Formerly Mexico" if you wish to be detailed, but it is not necessary. Locations only truly matter in the myth only and human only locations.
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RP Format Guide
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