For thousands of years, humans have seen the supernatural as myth. Now humanity is faced with extinction at the hands of those they thought were just legends.
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 Character Rules

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Character Rules Empty
PostSubject: Character Rules   Character Rules EmptyTue Aug 14, 2018 2:51 am


1. All characters must be approved by an admin or moderator.
You cannot use a character that has not been accepted.
2. You may have as many characters as you like. I recommend anywhere between 6-10, 3-5 for both groups.
3. You may request to have 1 character in either the Human Council, the Itzal, or the Force. All high ranking characters must be approved by an admin.
4. You cannot have humans with any ability or powers.
All super-soldier types must be approved by an admin.
5. If applicable, myth characters are allowed a maximum of 3 abilities/powers. Myth species can be found here.
6. NO overpowered characters will be accepted.
7. You are allowed to have a "forbidden" relationship between groups, be it romantic or platonic. That is perfectly acceptable.
8. All genders, romantic and sexual orientations are welcome here.
9. Discrimination will not be tolerated.


1. All characters must have auditions.
2. Admins and moderators cannot approve their own auditions.
3. If your audition has not been approved within seven days of its posting, you may bump it. Otherwise, no double posting is allowed.
4. Auditions must be in the format listed here and have all of the sections listed.
5. Auditions for adoptable characters go [here].
6. Incomplete auditions will be bumped 3 times.
7. If it is still incomplete after the third bump, it will be locked.
8. Locked auditions will be deleted after four weeks (1 month) unless your request for a delay is granted by an admin and/or moderator.

You may ask an admin or moderator to lock an audition for up to 12 weeks (3 months).
These RLAs (Requested Lock Auditions) can be unlocked per request. They will be removed after one week after the fact.. For example, if you request to lock an audition for four weeks, it will be removed after five weeks (assuming you do not unlock it beforehand).
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Character Rules
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