For thousands of years, humans have seen the supernatural as myth. Now humanity is faced with extinction at the hands of those they thought were just legends.
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 Vampires Guide

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Vampire Basics
  • Vampires are the most common myth species.
  • Vampires were the first myths to come out of the shadows and are often seen as the myth leaders by humanity.
  • Vampires make up roughly a fourth (1/4th) of the total number of myths in the world. (~1 million)
  • There are two types of vampires: Strigoi and Moroi (nightwalkers and daywalkers).
    • Strigoi - pale immortals with red eyes; they can only feed off of human blood. Sunlight is fatal.
    • Moroi - immortals that can look like any human; they can feed off of any blood, though human blood is preferred. Sunlight gives them a nasty sunburn, but isn't fatal.
    • Strigoi are Moroi and humans turned into Strigoi. Moroi are only humans turned and can be turned by Moroi directly or indirectly.
    • Humans/Moroi are turned into Strigoi by having their blood drained and the Strigoi putting in their own blood. Strigoi are lesser in numbers than Moroi, because this is a rare occurrence. Humans are turned into Moroi by dying with vampire blood in their system.

  • Vampire blood heals humans and witches/warlocks.
  • Shapeshifter bites (especially of a werewolf) is fatal to vampires.
  • Main Goal: Keep humanity as fodder (food source).

  • Technology
    • Most vampires don't see the need for using weaponry, as most do not want to kill off humanity. Their speed and strength is enough for them to catch their prey.
    • The vampires in the Itzal, which is the united myth army, generally use weapons. This is because the humans they fight have their own decent weapons and armor.
    • Again, think sci-fi for types of weapons.

  • Abilities/Powers
    • Superhuman strength and speed.
    • Can compel humans and low-willed beings into doing their bidding. Strigoi have a stronger compelling ability than Moroi, but both must be looking into the being's eyes for their compulsion to work.

  • Few vampires form groups, as they are a solitary species.
  • Vampires are an actively moving species, which follows human movement patterns throughout the world.
  • Some vampires, specifically the older ones, do not actively hunt humans but just claim a popular passing point as their hunting grounds.
  • Strigoi are much more likely to form groups and hunt in packs. Moroi are more likely to join other myths in groups.

The Itzal
  • There are numerous vampires among the Itzal ranks, mostly because they see it as the best way to achieve the species' main goal. The second in command of the organization is a vampire.
  • Main Goal: Destroy the Human Council so that humanity is scattered and frazzled, leaving them to become food for the vampires.

Safe Zones?
  • The whole world has become a safe zone for vampires, except for the Pacific Ocean near Ouraell and the Human Fronts.
  • Vampires cannot enter shapeshifter territory without permission.
  • Since they are solitary creatures, vampires do not have a central safe zone except for the Itzal Headquarters, which is located in Europe.

(This version of vampires is a combination of different legends concerning the myths, mostly from popular media. If you have any suggestions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me or another admin.)
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Vampires Guide
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